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Note #1: If you do not wish to fill in the data on this page, simply email or call us and we will coordinate with you to obtain copies of your company's financial statements and/or tax returns. All information received from you will be held in the strictest confidence. We are happy to sign an NDA with you prior to receiving your financial documents. Please inquire about this in your initial communication. 

 - You can use round numbers in the answer blocks below. 

Note #2: We honor business valuation requests only from those individuals that are seriously contemplating an asset sale of a business and that are located within our geographic territory, which is primarily eastern and central Massachusetts. We will only deal directly with the owner of the subject business. Sorry, but if you need a business valuation for any other purpose or location we will be unable to assist you.

Note #3: The information obtained here will enable us to engage with you in a very useful discussion about the value of your specific business and we are also open to discussing other important steps in the business sale process with you at that time. There is no obligation for you to hire us as your broker/agent.

All communications will be held confidential.  Any information received from you will be handled discreetly and responsibly.

General business information

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Rent or own? (If you own your business property, we can look at the real estate value separately. We are licensed real estate agents and can help you with both sides of your transaction.)

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For the following, fill it in as best you can. You can also refer to your most recent tax return or profit and loss statement. If you would rather speak with us first, don't hesitate to call or email. We're here to help. Thanks! 617-444-9655 or 508-395-1988.  You can use round numbers in the answer blocks below. 

Financial Questions:

Total annual merchandise sales:

Total annual service sales:

Other revenues (please describe):

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Monthly rent including all fees and taxes paid to landlord:

Monthly rent including fees and taxes that your buyer will pay to landlord (if higher than current rent):

Total weekly payroll:

Recent sales trend (Have sales been going up or down in recent years?):

Cash Flow Calculation Info. 
We need to calculate the 'cash flow' of your business, otherwise known as Sellers Discretionary Earnings. The net income on your tax return is for tax purposes only and does not reflect the true earnings power of your business. Note: If you are looking at a corporate tax return, much of the information requested can be found on the first page of the 1120 and you will also want to look for the "Other Income" schedule near the back of the federal return as well. (Feel free to call us with any questions: 617-444-9655) 

 - You can use round numbers in the answer blocks below. 

Net Income - (Operating pre-tax profit or loss on tax return or Income Statement):

Owner’s annual salary (only if part of operating expenses):

Does the owner work full time at the business?  If not, how many average owner hours per week?:

Employer matching payroll tax expenses for owner salary ONLY:

Does the business have a non-owner general manager?:

Other family salaries. Do these family members work at the business? How many hours per week?:

Employer matching payroll tax expenses for family member(s) salary portion ONLY:

Owner(s) personal vehicle expense (if part of operating expenses):

Owner(s) personal/family health insurance expense (if part of operating expenses):

Owner(s) other personal/family insurance expenses, e.g. life insurance (if part of operating expenses):

Owner(s) PERSONAL meals, travel and entertainment (if part of operating expenses):

Non-essential legal expense (if part of operating expenses):

Donations (if part of operating expenses):

Other owner-benefit discretionary expenses (if part of operating expenses):

Annual depreciation expense:

Annual amortization expense:

Interest expense:

Extraordinary, unusual or non-recurring expenses (if part of operating expenses):

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